Lone Star Rally page 3  the Rally

Some bikes

one bike

The Veterans

The Navy

Hells Angels ?

Havens Angel

Another Angel

More bikes

Some Vikings

An offcause "The Viking"

and more bikes

A V6 bike

She is sober

He's not

Bikes everywere

In the street

On the quay side

This one is red

He's rednack

He's an asshole

This is Rat's Hole

But she's a rednek woman

They are blond

she has brown hair

some has long hair

some has no hair

People everywere

some is checking there wallet

Some is looking

Some is talking to a bike

some is talking in the radio

some is talking on the phone

Some is taken picture of themselves

Some is taken picture of other


He has a problem

And she is best from behind

she too

This one is best from behind

But this one is the best of all

Pier 21

at the quay side

some is selling beer

Some is drinking beer

She is beer "Budweiser"

some is walking

Some is eating

And than the sun went down

And all was gone

Street was empty.....

......wait  a Bachelor party

Not everyone has left

Because here they are at mainstreet "The Strand"

more people

more bike

The local newspaper estimate was

450 000 people in Galveston.....


more firework

Live Music

Live People

Surprised people

Thousand of people

and more bikes

Night Riders

In Galveston Texas

A Houston Texans bike in Texas

Last but not least my "Bike"

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