This is a story of Cadillac in general

And a Cadillac Eldorado 1975 model with chassisno.6L67S5Q245605 in special and how it ended up in Norway. It's the story of how it made its way from sunny Florida and Gulf Breeze, Pensacola. This is also the story of how my wife and me got our dream come true.

But first, let me tell you the story about Cadillac.

One of my first pictures of the car, it was taken the 1st of July


The Cadillac's conetction to Movie and Music

There isn’t a car in the American car industry that has a more mythical history than the Cadillac, and there ain't a car that has more connections to film, rock and country music than Cadillac. Names like rocklegends Chuck Berry, Eartha Kitt, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Wanda Jackson and Roy Orbison, all have Cadillacs in their song lyrics, but the infamous connections don’t stop there .

Carl Perkins and his brother almost lost their life after they had been thrown out of Carl's 8-set Cadillac after a collision with a pickup in 1956. Carl ended up in a hospital with medic plaster up to his ears. When Elvis went on stage with Carl’s song ”Blue Suede Shoes,” before he went on TV, climbing on top of the roof of his pink Cadillac.

Even a decade later, when pop & rock came to Europe, the band kept on making tributes to the American car Cadillac. Among the groups that made tributes to Cadillac, using the name in the title of their song was the British band “Kinks” and the Swedish “Hep Stars”. In 2000, TVNorge, a Norwegian TV station, made soap called ”Cadillac”.

In the nineties and the into the millennium, artists like Dwight Youkham, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Sugarland, and Heidi Newfield have used Cadillac in theire songs and music videos. Words like “Pink Cadillac” and “Long black Cadillac” have become icons in the movie and music industry. Same as the legendary “Cadillac Farm”

Cadillac are most famous for their use in movies like The Duke of Hazzard, Mustang Sally, Murder she wrote, The A-TEAM, Twins, Harley Davidson, and the Marlboro Man. There's even a Cadillac in the cartoon movie CAR called Caddy. Other Cadillac’s have been used in Die Hard, Superman II, Driving miss Daisy, Casino, and Spiderman. The list is long, and in the years to come, the list will be even longer. The legend of Cadillac as the ultimate car and the mother of all cars still lives on. If Henry Ford is the father of all cars, then :

Cadillac is the mother of all cars.



The owner Peter Forester in the background


How Cadillac became Cadillac

Cadillac is owned by General Motors. Cadillac was formed from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company. When Henry Ford departed, along with several of his key partners, the company was dissolved. With the intent of liquidating the firm's assets.

Ford's financial backers called in engineer Henry M. Leland of Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing Company to appraise the plant and equipment prior to selling them. Instead Leland persuaded them to continue the automobile business using Leland's proven 1-cylinder engine.

Henry Ford's departure required a new name, and on the 22th of August 1902, the company reformed as the Cadillac Automobile Company.

The Cadillac automobile was named after the 17th century French explorer Antoine de La Mothe de Cadillac, who founded Detroit in 1701. Cadillac was purchased by the GM Conglomerate in 1909.


1903 Cadillac Model A Runabout

Some facts about Cadillac

The first mass-production automobile V8 was introduced in the United States in 1914 by Cadillac, a division of GM. In the mid-20th century, the name became a synonym for "high quality," used in such phrases as "the Cadillac of watches," referring to a Rolex.

Cadillac's current slogan is Life. Liberty. And The Pursuit. in reference to the inalienable rights mentioned in the United States Declaration of Independence. Cadillac helped to define advanced engineering, luxury, and style early in automotive history, and its vehicles have become known as the world's finest-made.

Precision manufacturing of truly interchangeable parts was an award-winning industry first in 1908. In 1910, Cadillac was the first manufacturer to release cars with a fully enclosed cab as factory equipment.


Cadillac 1909

Some facts about Cadillac1912

In 1912, Cadillac was the first manufacturer to incorporate an electrical system that consisted of cranking, lighting, and ignition. And in 1912, Cadillac became the first manufacturer to offer an electric starter as standard equipment. It was developed by Charles Kettering and was marketed as a convenience device for female drivers. Anecdotally, Henry Leland insisted on this after a close friend was killed by a hand crank when his engine backfired on him.


1912 Cadillac Four Phaeton

 Cadillac with V8

For the 1914 model year Cadillac introduced the first production V8 engine.

In 1915, they were the first to regulate engine cooling by thermostatic means,

and in 1922, they were first to introduce thermostatic control of engine carburetion.

Cadillac, in 1926, was the first car to introduce shatter-resistant safety glass.

By 1927, Cadillac was the first manufacturer to utilize the skills of a designer to style a car's body instead of an engineer.


1927 Cadillac Series 314A Sedan

Cadillac in 1928

In 1928, Cadillac's engineers were the first to design a fully-synchronized manual transmission using constant-mesh gears to prevent clashing upon executing a shift which increased drivability.

Cadillac also introduced the 'Turret Top', the first all steel roof on a passenger car. Previously, the center of the roof was made from leather covered wood. The Turret Top increased safety and was quieter.


1928 Cadillac Series 341 Fisher Custom sport phaeton

1932 Cadillac Series 355-B

During 1931 through 1937, Cadillac, along with Buick and Oldsmobile, introduced the production independent wishbone front suspension in 1934.

In 1932, Cadillac was also the first to build inherent balance in the V-8.

By 1932, Cadillac offered the first production V-16 engine that included the world's first hydraulic valve lifters from 1930 through 1940 which included a V-12.

In 1941, Cadillac became the first luxury car nameplate to offer an automatic transmission, GM's Hydra Matic in 1941

V8 - V12 - and V16 Cadillac from 1935-36

V8    1936 Cadillac Series 60

V12    1935 Cadillac Series 40-B

V16   1936 Cadillac Series 90

Cadillac in 1947-1967

The Eldorado Brougham, 1947, offered the first instance of a 'memory seat' function, allowing seat positions to be saved and recalled for different drivers.

The first fully automatic heater/AC system was introduced in 1967. This system allowed the driver to set a desire temperature and the Climate Control maintained the temperature automatically.

V8    1941 Cadillac Series 62

 Cadillac of the fifties and the years to come

In 1953 came the first Eldorado

The Eldorado was a Cadillac classic for almost 59 years and is known as the longest running American personal luxury car. The name Eldorado is said to have several different origins, with one of the most well known being a reference to a legendary South American city that is filled with gold and riches.

Whatever its origin, the Eldorado is somewhat of a legend in the automotive world, and for good reason. The first time the Eldorado name was used, it was for a limited edition convertible in 1953. The Eldorado wasn’t at the very top of the line, but it was always the most expensive and luxurious of the Cadillac vehicles.

The last year of the Eldorado was the 49th model year for the vehicle in 2002. In 2002, the Eldorado ETC was introduced and was a very powerful front wheel drive vehicle that provided 300 horsepower.

The last year had a limited edition that was painted in the original red and white colors. Sadly, production of the Eldorado officially ended on April 22, 2003. Many still blame the downsizing of the 1980s for the steady decline of the Eldorado’s popularity and its eventual demise.


And properly the most famous of them all the 1959 pink Cadillac Eldorado Series 62 Brougham

From the late 1960's onward, Cadillac offered a fiber-optic indication system which alerted the driver of a failed light bulb, and in 1974, Cadillac was first to offer Dual airbags on some Cadillac models.

Right side fiber-optic indication system which alerted the driver of a failed light bulb

from left to right Head Light- Parking Light- Direction Light

1970-1976 Eldorado

However, the 1970's saw vehicles memorable for excesses in dimensions and engine size before the downsizing era started later in the decade. The new generation engine that debuted with the 1968 models at a displacement of 472 cu in (7.7 L) was designed for an ultimate capacity potential of 600 cu in (9.8 L).

Displacement was increased to 500 cu in (8.2 L) for the 1970 model Eldorado and then adopted across all 1975 models. Performance waned after peaking at 400 horsepower (300 kW) in the first year and declined in 1971 and later years due to reductions in compression ratios necessitated by the advent of low-octane unleaded fuel and increasingly stringent emission requirements that further sapped performance and fuel economy.

1976 was one of the last years with 500 cid (8,2 L) engine.


7th of July in Gulf Breeze Florida

My car a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, 500 cubic inch (That's 8.2 liter, for you metric folks) 235 HP engine,

"Dove gray" exterior with Burgundy red top and "deep red burgundy” leather interior.

Power everything: top, windows, steering, 6-way power 50/50 seats with armrest,

complete with Delco factory AM/FM, Class III towing package.  

Obligatory fuzzy dice on rearview mirror.  

Outside temperature gauge on drivers side mirror.  

Vanity plates read "PARK PLACE MOTORS Indiana".  

·         Curb weight 5.167 Lb – (Total vekt 2.343 kg)

·         Overall length: 224.1 in. (Totallengde 5,69 m.)

·         Height: 54.2 in. (Høyde 1,37 m.)

·         Width: 79.8 in. – (Bredde 2,03 m.)

·         Wheelbase: 126.3 in. (Aksel avstand 3,21 m.)

·         Front Tread: 63.7 in. (Sporvidde front 1,62 m.)

·         Rear Tread: 63.6 in. (Sporvidde bak 1,615 m.)

·         Standard tires: 235LR78-15

·         Fuel tank: 27.5 US gal. = 104 liter (1US gal. = 3,785412 liter)

·         Transmission: Three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic

·         Gear ratios:

o    1st = 2.48:1

o    2nd = 1.48:1

o    3rd = 1.00:1

o    Rev = 2.07:1 or 2.09:1.

·         Standard axle (final drive) ratio: 2.73:1.

·         Optional final drive: 3.07:1

·         Hypoid rear axle

·         (figures in parenthesis is for you metric folks)

Cab down at Portofino Gulf Breeze

1st of July 2008

And here is were the story started on the 1st of July 2008 in Mobile Alabama, onboard the vessel I'm working on m/v Kingfisher. I was looking into internet for a long-time dream of mine. My searched on Yahoo that evening was “cadillac+for+sale.” I ended up with  83.600.000 (83,6 mill) mach on my search.

A random pick from this site, on a slow 128 MB modem Internet connection, I ended up on this site. It could not be a coincidence out of 83,6 mil. Me and my Caddy were meant for each other.


Print screen of my search that day

1975 Cadillac Eldorado - $,-

Contact The Seller

Peter Foreste

By Phone 850-xxx-xxxx (Daytime)PensacolaBeach

About This Vehicle

Listing: Used Vehicle

·         Mileage: x0,000 Miles

·         Body Style: Convertible

·         Exterior Color: Dove Gray

·         Interior Color: Burgundy

·         Engine: 8 Cylinders 500 cid

·         Transmission: Automatic

·         Drive train: FWD


Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Steering, Leather Interior, Alarm, Cassette Radio, Power Windows, A/C: Front

Seller’s Notes

1975 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, This is a great car, dove grey exterior over deep burgundy leather with a burgundy top. I have owned this car since 2001, and I bought it from one of my friends who had it about 20 years. It has been well taken care of, and has been garaged. The body is in good condition and the leather is excellent. It drives great and is a lot of fun. Just serviced, new starter, new power window motor, speedo cables! Please call for details, 850-xxx-xxxx. THIS CAR IS WORTH MUCH MORE THAN I AM ASKING, I HAVE NO ROOM FOR IT, AND WANT IT TO GO TO A NEW HOME THAT WILL ENJOY IT

Picture of the 75 Cadillac on Yahoo that day

Photo Peter Forest


Pensacola Florida is about 84,5 mils east on I-10 (135,6 km)1.5 hour drive from Mobile, Alabama were I was, so I called Peter the same day and asked if the car still was available. It was, and I agreed to go and have a look at the it.


Me filling up Todd's Chevrolet Silverado

Wednesday the 02nd of July

I borrowed a Chevy Pickup truck from a good friend and colleague of mine, Todd Harter. I went to Pensacola with another friend, Rune Tøndel to have look at the car. We met Peter outside his home in Gulf Breeze. When Rune and I drove through the gate to the parking line at Portofino Resort, I knew it. This was love with first sight and to leave that beauty behind that day was terrible. Even before I was back in Mobile, I called my wife and said I found her my baby the ultimate car, and she said the words I love her for, “go ahead, go buy her"


Mape of route from Middle Bay Port Dock at Teodore to Pensacola and Gulf Breeze

Thursday the 3th of July

As a long time American Car Club of Norway member, my first thought was to call them and see if they could give me some help or feedback of how to get my beauty with me to Norway. Mr. Roald at ACCN was very helpfull and gave me all the information and help I needed. He told me about a company in Drammen Norway(Motorship) that might help me with the shipping and transport to Norway


Toll gate at "Tree mile bridge" leading into Gulf Breeze

Portofino the home of my Cadillac

The entrance to Portofino the home of my Cadillac

Friday the 4th of July USA, Independence day

I called Motorship in Drammen and spoke with Ellen Hellum at the company, and with her help, my dream car came through. After the call to Norway, I confirmed the deal on phone with Peter Foreste. We agreed on price and delivery He said the car is yours, but due to a holiday in the USA, Independence day, (4th of Jul), we had to push the payment until after the week-end to Monday


This is not a picture of a "Pink Cadillac" but my Caddy's home Portofino in the background

Monday the 7th of July 2008

With Todd’s Chevy pick-up, Rune and I hit the road again, and we left Mobile, Alabama at 11:30. At 13:00, we were in Gulf Breeze waiting for Peter to show up with the Cadillac, and at 13.30, he came with the car. At 13:45, in Sun Trust Bank in Gulf Breeze, Florida, we signed the contract. The Cadillac was mine


Peter Forest arriving to SunTrust Bank

The car at SunTrust Bank Gulf Breeze Florida

The car at SunTrust Bank Gulf Breeze Florida waiting for the owner to show up

Than the car is mine 14:00 Monday 07th of July 2008

With the top down, in a 75 Cadillac convertible in Sunny Florida, backing out to hit the road, what more can you dream of

Me on my way home to Norway

Me and my Baby entering "Tree mile bridge" in Florida

Rune is filling her up there is a long way to Bergset in Norway and her 8,2 liter engine needs lot of fuel



It is 7th of July and this is the story so far,

its only one week since a found her.

There is more to come for those of you

 who want to follow her all the way to my garage

look in for update.

Her she is in my garage

All pictures in this article that not belongs to me is from the book "Standard Catalog of Cadillac 1903-2005"

The Catalog is for sale Please take contact with

The story of Cadillac in general is made from following site:


Cadillac Eldorado From the site